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200 United Drive
Kalispell, MT 59901


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Gardner Auction Service
Making Auctions A
"Major Marketing Event"
We believe that presentation of your property in it's most desirable aspect not only satisfies the buyer, but also brings more money to the seller.

Enthusiastic crowds of prospective buyers means competitive bidding, and consequently, more dollars for you!  Year after year our highly successful sales have increased buyer interest.  As a result, the number of bidders who are familiar with our auctions and who know they can trust Gardner Auction Service, continues to increase.

The auction method is the ideal means to settle estates, sell businesses, real estate and all types of personal property.  Courts, Trustees and businessmen everywhere are convinced that a well advertised, professionally managed auction is the best way to determine fair market value.

Gardner Auction Service was established in 1960, and we have over forty two years of experience in a wide variety of auctions.  Whether you're having to sell machinery, equipment, antiques, household or vehicles, we have the resources to make your auction a successful one!

When comparing auction firms...experience makes a difference.

Now, more than ever, choosing the right auction company can be the most important decision you make.  Auctions have always been an important facet in the marketplace.  Today, the right auction company, merchandising your assets, can mean thousands of dollars...even hundreds of thousands...at the "bottom line"!

Gardner Auction Service has the experience to make that difference for you!  Founded in 1960, and still going strong today, we are keeping abreast of today's market place.

Whether it's an onsite auction or an auction at one of our facilities, you can rest assured that our experience and expertise will bring you, the seller, the highest possible return on your merchandise.

At Gardner Auction Service, our philosophy is to provide our clients with the best possible service.  We offer free confidential consultations, professional knowledgeable auctioneers, a professionally trained staff, cost effective operations, fiscal responsibility, the right marketing and a commitment of excellence.



Gardner Auctions

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Gardners RV
& Trailer

Gardner's RV and Trailer Sales carries a full line of Horse Trailers, both steel and aluminum, along with Cargo Trailers, Equipment Trailers, Utility Trailers, Snowmobile Trailers, ATV Trailers, and a great selection of
Travel Trailers and Motorhomes.


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