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200 United Drive
Kalispell, MT 59901


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With a continually changing market and economy, buyers have become increasingly more selective in what they will buy.
Below is a list of items that have had success in selling at auctions:

  1. Sporting goods

  2. Guns

  3. Tools

  4. Quality furniture (must be in very good condition, and if upholstered it needs to be less than five years old)

  5. Appliances (not older than 10 years old)

  6. Antiques and collectables

  7. Coins

  8. Farm equipment

  9. Construction equipment

  10. Vehicles

  11. Trailers

  12. Tractors

    13. New building supplies

    14. ATV's

    15. Watercraft

    16. Boats

Please feel free to call or email us with any questions!


Gardner Auctions

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Gardners RV
& Trailer

Gardner's RV and Trailer Sales carries a full line of Horse Trailers, both steel and aluminum, along with Cargo Trailers, Equipment Trailers, Utility Trailers, Snowmobile Trailers, ATV Trailers, and a great selection of
Travel Trailers and Motorhomes.


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